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starbucks hiring, 9 secrets why starbucks rocts at hiring loyal employees

Most of us have looked up to prestigious companies and brands like Apple, Facebook, and Starbucks with awe that left us wondering how they managed to be successful. What could be their secret recipe behind this success? We’re fortunate enough because we’ve been given a chance to uncover one of these prestigious companies – Starbucks shares us their Starbucks Hiring secret as to why people keep on coming back just to taste their delicious coffee.

It turns out that Starbucks has only one secret to their success: employees. Yes, you read it right. They treat their employees with utmost importance before anything else. And in turn, these satisfied employees treat their customers well. Thus, providing them a one-of-a-kind customer service that keeps them coming back for more!

  1. They are one of the few companies who does not require a CV or resumes from applicants.

The tradition in the workforce industry when hiring one employee is always been through CV’s or resumes. Oftentimes, most CEO’s rely on the applicant’s educational backgrounds, accomplishments, and work experience to determine whether he’s qualified for a certain role or not. But that was not the case with Starbucks.

Starbucks won’t care about those trivial things. They care, however, with regards to your personality. They care about your attitude, traits, and personality when it comes to customer service skills. How will you react when a customer gets angry? How do you deal with a co-worker you didn’t get along with? What do you do for fun? Those are the things they want to know about you.

  1. The interview focus on fun

Even though their interview hiring process is very thorough, they make sure that you’ll feel completely at ease during the session. They will treat you with much enthusiasm and vigor so that you’ll look forward into working with them. One of their trademarks is to offer a drink the moment they arrive at their potential staff. The Starbucks managers want you to let go and just be yourself when they get to know about you. At least 10 people have commented that it was the best interview they’ve ever had in their work.

  1. The employees get familiar with the store they’ll be working on their first day

Unlike other companies where a new employee is expected to work immediately, Starbucks take their time with their employees. They give their new employees a tour around the store as well as coffee tasting. They get exposed to training materials too. The employees are expected to learn about the difference between a slew of different coffees and teas they served.

  1. On their second day, employees get to learn about the company’s history and culture.

Starbucks strive to hire people with mind-like values, so they wanted to instill a sense of belongingness with their employees. They want their employees to know their history and culture so that they’ll share the same vision and mission with them. In this day, employees will learn how the company gets their quality coffee beans, its relationship with the farmers, as well as their corporate social responsibilities.

  1. They provide excellent training materials and support for their employees

Employees are often given a green apron book, coffee and tea passports for them to be familiar about the different coffees and teas they’ll be serving. What’s good about these books are that they can put down their thoughts about it. They can jot down their impressions or new ideas about a particular beverage (that can be used as their pneumonic when familiarizing the products) and revisit these notes when they mature in their work. They are also given computer training modules and other electronic materials for additional support.

  1. They are given a lot of hands-on training to enhance their barista skills

Managers often pair new hires with veteran co-workers to train and guide them in working. Their co-workers are eager to help new hires in making drinks, preparing mixes, cleaning and presenting foods among other things. In no time, you’ll find yourself an expert at barista skills!

  1.  They have a learning coach to track their progress

Aside from having a dedicated co-worker, managers also make sure to hire a learning coach to help track the new hire’s progress. What’s great about this learning coach is that they are generally motivated, helpful, and experienced employee. They will inspire you to work harder and become a better person – not only at work but in life too. You can also confide in them if you have any problems at work.

  1. Baristas become certified

Once you became accustomed to their works, their managers certified them. This makes them a bonafide Starbucks employee who is ready to provide outstanding customer service. You’re also inclined to help new hires get their footing too! Can you see how the company build an awesome community with its employees? You are helping each other rose to the top. In fact, they call everyone a partner, not some working machine who only creates money for the big boss.

  1.  The Evolving Training continues as you landed bigger promotions

One would think your training will stop once you’re bonafide employees. But not with Starbucks. The company believes that progress and success can only be achieved through continuous learning, so they make sure to give various training to help you cope up with your new role. It also enables growth in you as you learn new things and innovative ideas to improve the quality of your work.

As you can see, Starbucks Hiring make time for their employees’ growth. Yes, it may seem time-consuming to do all these but think where it got them? To the top! Starbucks is the epitome of treating their employees dearly. Because if you love and care for your employees, your employees will take care of your customers. This secret formula leads to a proper and booming business. So, now I leave you with a question, what you can give to your employee?


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