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In today’s post, we will hear epic stories from most successful entrepreneurs and businessmen in the retail industry. What could be their secret recipe in attaining incredible success in their business? Let’s head on the list to find out!

  1. William Becker and Paul Green

“Simple accommodations needed by travelers with families may cause a revolution in the West, and we feel it has a great future.”  – William Becker

They reinvented the Motel 6 in Santa Barbara, California, last 1962. What made this hotel stood out from other high-class hotels was that it offers a high-quality lodging at an affordable price compared to the other upscale properties. This pretty deal makes it attractive for travelers to check-in in their hotel. They used their expertise and experience in developing low-cost housing to turn it into a business.

They know first-hand the need of giving an affordable but high-quality bedding to average families, especially those who are traveling a lot. Their price at that time is $6 a night, no matter the location. You can see how a simple but effective and high-quality service beats your competitors.

  1. Conrad Hilton

“When times are bad, you might lose nearly everything but keep at it, don’t give up, and you might also get it back.” – Conrad Hilton

He founded the first coast-to-coast hotel chain in 1943 that quickly bloomed into an international hotel brand in 1949. His hotel was known for providing a comfortable place to sleep and a “light and warmth of hospitality”. They make sure to provide their customers only the best treatment, make them feel welcome and comfortable that made them keep on coming back for more. And because of this, his hotel had evolved into a billion-dollar international empire.

  1. Jeff Bezos

Jeff Bezos revolutionize the way we shop things as he launched The CEO of Amazon changed our lives for the better. Gone are the things that we need to physically go to a brick and mortar store to shop the things we want. In just a click away, we can shop for things at any time of the day and have it deliver on our doorstep with ease.

  1. Steve Case

“You have to get along with people, but you also have to recognize that the strength of a team is different people with different perspectives and different personalities.” – Steve Case

He was the first to launch an interactive game that leads to the development of online programming and video games. Not only that but the company (AOL) had evolved into an online publishing content especially when it merged with Time Warner in 2001. Now, AOL became the leading provider of personal computers with built-in modems to access America’s online content.

  1. Steve Jobs

“Great things in business are never done by one person. They’re done by a team of people.” – Steve Jobs

Who didn’t know the almighty and great Steve Jobs? Steve Jobs invented PC’s that paved way to the utilization of Internet. The first computer that existed in history came from his brand: Apple. Up until now, people are still patronizing the products produced by this giant brand. But I couldn’t really blame them. After all, who can resist the iPhone’s charm? 🙂

  1.  Pierre Omidyar

“That thing you’ve kept in the box all these years? Somebody wants it more than you do.” – Pierre Omidyar

I bet you all know who the rival of Amazon in the online marketplace was. Pierre was the founder of the online auction site, eBay. He bridged the gap by connecting buyers and sellers of collectible items. And now, he created a global marketplace out of his little experiment. “What would happen within a marketplace if everyone had equal access to information and tools?” Omidyar wondered. “Would a level playing field enable individuals to compete alongside big businesses?” Judging by eBay’s success, Omidyar’s answer is yes.

  1. Larry Page

“If your business is based on a hot idea, go as goofy as you like with the name.” – Larry Page

Larry Page was a Standford graduate who envisioned to create a more convenient way in accessing the Web. Together with his team, they formed Google in 1998. The only vision they had for Google was centered on valuing content. Now, Google became the world’s trusted source of information on The Web. Aside from that, Google takes pride in creating a creative environment to foster their employees. Landing them on the top of Fortune magazine’s Best Places to Work. Since Google now controls almost 80% of world’s search business market, Page became one of the wealthiest men alive.

  1. Cesar Ritz

Cesar’s name dominated the hotel industry because of his unique ability to understand the needs and desires of his wealthy customers. This understanding led him to create an astounding foundation that provides excellent services we came to know now as luxury hospitality. He’d establish several hotels across the world that he was often named as “a little army of hotel men for the conquest of London”.

  1. Kemmons Wilson

Who didn’t know about Holiday Inn? It’s one of the most famous hotel and motel in 1952. Kemmons Wilson founded this famous hotel chain. He first opened his hotel in Memphis where it grew dramatically. Holiday Inn was known to provide a standardized, clean, family-friendly, first-class accommodation to road travelers.

  1. Barry Sternlicht

Barry has been dubbed as the “King of Hotels” when he founded the Starwood Hotels and Resorts. Having an upfront experience in developing a real-estate property, he was able to materialize his own magnificent creations of hotel suites, apartment buildings, and real estate properties. Barry’s company was one of the world-class developers of real estate properties.


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